March 1, 2013

New Auto Like Your Facebook Work 100% 2013

Step-by-step to make sure facebook status / your photos on Facebook already made ​​in public mode for easy later in the auto like.

or if you want the old status only in share mode 'friend' just look at the picture below to be made in the mode of 'public'):

1. Go to site
2. Click OK on the display as shown below:

3. Enter your facebook name according to the column provided.
(Remember! must be in accordance with your facebook name)
4. Then click 'Comot Token'

My Facebook token like this :

Then copy / copy only part :

or a warning will appear as below:

Do not mind, because we will not continue to notice, but still take the token.
Tips : In taking token, paste the URL of the page the warnings, ranging from AAA and paste terminated before &expires.

My Facebook token like this :

5. Then go to
6. Then paste the token have you copy earlier (in step 5) to submit box, and then click submit
7. So if you want your status on more than 50 accounts like facebook, status menu > submit.

8. Click on a photo if you want your pictures to your photographs in many accounts like facebook.

Description :
If you already submit status / feed / photo you waiting for half to one minute until the auto like work. For further auto like you have to wait 2 minutes for the auto like the next.

Source: Auto Like Status Facebook 100% Bekerja di 2013


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Klo cara autolike status teman gmn gan?

knape bile clik comot token pas tu eror

gk bisa pass di comot token, trus mksd dari stttep 4 & 5 itu apa?

oh i like it. thank you for much

Dumb shit child abonne plaese

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